Quick Lube Center Oil Change Accessories

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by vapro

Part # DT-PVC

Unilube Systems - PVC Drip Trays

PVC Drip Trays

The drip trays hang at an angle under the work platform to collect spilled oil and drain toward drip pan.

  • Light weight PVC
  • Hardware provided, easy to install
  • 32"W x 96"L
  • (Trays sold separately)
  • Use with drip pan to ensure oil capture

Part # DP-FG

Unilube Systems - PVC Drip Trays

Drip Pan

The fiberglass drip pan is placed on the floor under the work platform to capture oil from the drip trays.

  • Fiberglass

Part # DSB

Unilube Systems - Drum Support Bracket

Drum Support Bracket

The drum support bracket mounts to the work platform to accommodate a 120# keg drum, which can be used for disposal of used oil filters or trash.

  • Powder Coated for durability
  • (Drum not included)

Part # TC-0928

Unilube Systems - Stair Tread Cover

Stair Tread Cover

Stairs can eventually become slick and a safety hazard. The stair tread cover restores steps to a like new condition.

  • Installs on concrete, wood or metal grating
  • Resistant to oil and other chemicals
  • Fiberglass with crushed quartz molded in
  • Pre-cut to your measurements Delete Use with drip pan to ensure oil capture


Our footstools are available in 4 heights. They are molded fiberglass, with a durable, non-slip surface and a wide-angle base with rubber feet for stability.

Part # FS-12

18"W x 18"D x 18"H

Unilube Systems - Footstools

Part # FS-16

24"W x 28"D x 16"H

Unilube Systems - Footstools

Part # FS-20

24"W x 28"D x 20"H

Unilube Systems - Footstools

Part # FS-30

24"W x 45"D x 30"H

Unilube Systems - Footstools

Rolling Drain Pan Accessories

Unilube Systems - RDP Drain Diverter

Part # RDP – Drain Diverter

Unilube Systems - RDP Splashguard

Part # RDP – Splashguard

The Splash Guard is made from galvanized steel and helps to prevent splash-back of oil travelling from the diverter to the rolling drain pan.

Part # TGL

Unilube Systems - Tire Guide Leader

Tire Guide Leader

The tire guide leader aids in aligning vehicle to drive over the pit.

  • Mounts on shop bay floor
  • Easily replaceable when necessary

Part # WPS

Unilube Systems - Work Platform Shelf

Work Platform Shelf

When attached to the work platform, the work platform shelf allows the technician to have tools and other items handy while working.

  • Durable powder coat
  • Available in 36” & 48” lengths

Vacuum Hose/Air Hose Console

Unilube Systems - RDP Drain Diverter

Part # VC-Stand

Vacuum hose console with On/Off toggle switch mounted on one side

Unilube Systems - RDP Splashguard

Part # AHP-A Black

Easy access air hose console that matches our VC-Stand

Unilube Systems - RDP Splashguard

Part # VCB-A

  • Vacuum Ceiling Bracket
  • Galvanized
  • Easy installation
  • Vacuum not included

Unauthorized Sign

Unilube Systems - RDP Drain Diverter

Part # Unauthorized Sign As

Unauthorized Personnel sign on 12’ of chain with 2 carabiners for easy attachment

No Step Signs

Unilube Systems - RDP Drain Diverter

Part # No Step Sign 10 Pack

Signs attach to our pitguards to remind techs not to use as a walkway or crosswalk. Not walking on your pitguards helps to extend their service life

Drain Kit

Unilube Systems - RDP Drain Diverter

Part# RDP-Drain Kit 1” NPT

Connects to our 1.5” Rolling Drain Pan fitting and reduces to a 1” barb fitting.


  • 1.5” plug
  • 1 male Cam Lok
  • 1” nipple
  • 1 female Cam Lok
  • 1” ball Valve
  • 1.5” to 1” reducing bushing

Pit Safety Net

Unilube Systems - RDP Drain Diverter

Our petroleum-resistant synthetic nets can provide a safer environment for customer and service tech and are a low cost alternative to our Pit-guard covers. They come in a variety of widths and lengths to accommodate different sized openings. Call 800-326-1711 or email us for a quote today.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance required