Rolling Drain Pan Accessories

Posted on June 8th, 2017 by vapro

Part # RDP – Drain Diverter

Our Drain Diverter is used in conjunction with our splash-guards to help direct the flow of oil as it drains from the oil pan.

Part# RDP-D/LD

20” long with a non-slip tooth pattern that locks into our Rolling Drain Pan screens to help deflect oil drain flow on taller vehicles

Unilube Systems - RDP SplashguardMagnifier

Part # RDP – Splashguard

The Splash Guard is made from galvanized steel and helps to prevent splash-back of oil travelling from the diverter to the rolling drain pan.

Unilube Systems - Work Stations and Computer Stations: Computer Pedestal

Part# RDP-Drain Kit 1” NPT

Connects to our 1.5” Rolling Drain Pan fitting and reduces to a 1” barb fitting.


  • 1.5” plug
  • 1 male Cam Lok
  • 1” nipple
  • 1 female Cam Lok
  • 1” ball Valve
  • 1.5” to 1” reducing bushing