Quick Lube Center Equipment – Lower Level Bay

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by vapro

Track Systems

Each type of track runs the length of each side of the shop pit at the pit opening.


Part # CT-96

Unilube Systems - Track Systems

Standard combination track is designed for newly constructed lube facilities.

  • For pit guards and rolling drain pans
  • 8′ lengths
  • Welded to metal pit forms

Part # CT-96 Flange

Unilube Systems - Track Systems

Flange combination track is designed for upgrading existing pits.

  • Can be used to retro-fit existing facility
  • Wedge anchors mount flange onto shop floor
  • Can be welded to pit walls

Part # CT-96 Special

Unilube Systems - Track Systems

Specialty track is designed for a client’s specific application.

  • Used for rolling pit jacks
  • Custom track for other designs
  • Welded to metal pit forms
Unilube Systems - Pit Guard

Pit Guards for Lube Centers

Unilube’s Pit Guard™ prevents people from accidentally stepping into pits or cars from driving into them. Rigid construction provides the highest level of pit safety protection available. User-friendly, self stacking panel design allows for smooth operation by technician in either direction. Open steel mesh panels allow maximum light penetration from above. Rugged welded steel frame will support up to 2500 lbs.

  • Custom fit for any size pit, easy installation
  • Meets federal and states’ requirements for open pits
  • Panels stack easily on track system
Unilube Systems - Pit Guard Wheel

Part # WK2

Includes 1 replacement wheel, clevis axle and hairpin


Rolling Drain Pans

Our rolling drain pan can be easily positioned under a vehicle for efficient capture of the oil being drained.

  • Screen on top minimizes splash
  • Grill on top minimizes splash
  • Interior baffle limits sloshing
  • Custom sizes available
  • Adjusts to fit pits 32” to 48” wide
  • Wheels adjust to three height levels

Part # RDP-M

Unilube Systems - Rolling Drain Pans
  • Available with or without lower shelf for tools
  • Holds 34 gallons
  • Custom colors available

Part # RDP-FG, RDP-FG50

Unilube Systems - Rolling Drain Pans
  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • 34 gallon or 50 gallon capacity

Part # RDP-SP-A

Unilube Systems - Rolling Drain Pans

A drain pan specially designed for the limited space in a zip pit.


Part # RDP-Wheel

Unilube Systems - Rolling Drain Pans
  • Includes 1 replacement wheel and hardware

Part # OFR-4 + 1

Unilube Systems - Oil Filter Rack

Oil Filter Rack

The oil filter rack is designed for easy assembly. The gravity-fed shelves allow convenient access to multiples filter styles.

  • Dimensions: 45″W x 30″D x 84″H
  • Powder coated steel
  • Lower shelf included in the OFR-4+1
  • Available with either 3 or 4 filter racks
  • Also available with 3 oil filter shelves
  • Lower shelf optional

Part # OFR-3H

Unilube Systems - Oil Filter Rack

Hanging Oil Filter Rack

Our Oil Filter Rack is also in a space-saving hanging model as well. With 3 gravity fed shelves it mounts to the basement ceiling to allow for other use of floor space underneath such as shelving or waste oil tanks, etc.


Part # TB-ABC

Unilube Systems - Tool Peg Board

Tool Peg Board

Our screen printed tool pegboard is designed to save time and help keep track of tools by providing a specific, easily identifiable place for each tool.

  • Available with or without tools
  • Galvanized frame with struts
  • Designed for lube shops
  • Sections may be ordered separately
  • 32″H x 72″W

Screen printed for 12 filter wrenches, 2 filter pliers, 1 set each SAE and metric wrenches and sockets, 3/8″ & 1⁄2;”ratchets and adapters, ball peen hammer, pry bars, and slip-joint pliers

Unilube Systems - Work Platform System

Work Platform System

The work platform is an integral part of our pit system. It is customized to our clients’ specifications.

Unilube Systems - Work Platform System

Work platform spring-clip design locks components quickly and easily.

Unilube Systems - Work Platform System

Optional drum support bracket.

  • Modular components designed for quick, easy assembly
  • Powder-coated steel provides maximum durability
  • Meets OSHA Uniform Building Code requirements
  • Optional configurations available
  • Optional stair configuration comes in 3- or 4-step models

(Shown with the optional drip trays and drip pan)