Track Systems for Car Washes and Oil Change Centers

Posted on June 8th, 2017 by vapro

Track Systems

Each type of track runs the length of each side of the shop pit at the pit opening.

Part # CT-96

Unilube Systems - Track Systems

Standard combination track is designed for newly constructed lube facilities.

  • For pit guards and rolling drain pans
  • 8′ lengths

  • Welded to metal pit forms

Part # CT-96 Flange

Unilube Systems - Track Systems

Flange combination track is designed for upgrading existing pits.

  • Can be used to retro-fit existing facility
  • Wedge anchors mount flange onto shop floor
  • Can be welded to pit walls

Part # CT-96 Special

Unilube Systems - Track Systems

Specialty track is designed for a client’s specific application.

  • Used for rolling pit jacks

  • Custom track for other designs
  • Welded to metal pit forms